While the majority of seniors hope to be able to age in their place, some retirees are starting to realize the many benefits of selling their homes, for 55 plus communities. 55 plus communities offer the perks of having your own home combined with some benefits specific to seniors that you wouldn't get at just any community.

What is a 55 plus Community?

A 55 plus community is an adult retirement community that is limited to citizens over the age of 55. The rules for different 55 and over communities can vary. In some, the 55 and over rule is stringently followed, while others offer a little bit of leeway for spouses that are younger or younger family members that may want to live with you. Some keep the number up higher and only allow people who are 60, 62, or 65 or older to move in. The homes or apartments are built to be senior friendly.

The Benefits of a 55 Plus Community:

  1. Houses and apartments designed with seniors in mind: Homes in 55 and over communities are built keeping in mind the physical needs and concerns common to seniors. You do not have to modify anything if the home is already built according to your needs, you can expect to stay there securely and comfortably for years to come.

  2. A social community of your peers: One of the greatest benefits that 55 and over communities offer is the community part. You have a built-in network of peers right in your neighborhood.

  3. Safety and security: Over 55 communities offer extra features to ensure the safety of the residents. You may find one some that are gated communities and others that have security guards on staff, once you start browsing through options. If security is a top priority to you, you should find communities that make it their priority as well.

  4. Great amenities: Adult retirement communities are designed to make sure that you never have to go far to keep yourself occupied and entertained, and so most of the amenities commonly serve to bring people together and further serve a sense of community in the neighborhood.

  5. Community activities and events: In extension to all those amenities, many over 55 communities plan regular activities and events for the residents. That could mean fitness and cooking classes, crafts, trips to the local museum, or movie nights. These activities make it easy for retirees to try new things and stay active throughout their senior years.

  6. Fewer maintenance concerns: Think about all those pesky maintenance problems you have to deal with at your house and freak out. Just imagine how nice it would be to hand those responsibilities over to someone else. In many cases, the community bears the expense of caring for shared spaces and landscaping. They often have people on staff to handle home maintenance issues to save you some trouble.

  7. Located close to hospitals: As one of the features to offer peace of mind, most 55+ communities are strategically built closer to a hospital. Residents can get the help they need in an emergency situation. For a lot of illnesses and injuries, getting to the hospital as soon as possible is key; so knowing that there is a hospital nearby is an important value-add when considering a 55+ community.

How to Find the Right 55 plus Community for You

If you are liking the idea of everything a 55+ community has to offer, then the next step is looking into the homes available in your area, or in an area, you are open to moving to. Analyze all the details you can find on each and make visits to those that look the most promising to see if they are a good fit.