Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is situated in the north of Philadelphia and bounded by the Delaware River to the southeast. The lifestyle in Bucks County is counted as one the most beautiful, there are historical activities taken place in Bucks County such as George Washington’s army crossed the river to engage in a pivotal attack during the Revolutionary War.

The place holding some historic activities brings the tourist to explore more about Bucks County, it seems to be the best to live after retirement. There are communities in Bucks County which consist of 55+ citizens who are retired and want to live the rest of their life peacefully. The communities serve the residents with all the care, services and more.

These are some of the communities in Bucks County, Philadelphia:

Doylestown Township, Bucks County, PA:

Doylestown Township offers independent living at its best in Bucks County, PA. The environment and the atmosphere is so pure, it makes the residents of Doylestown live longer in a great neighborhood. The independent residents love to stay in Bucks County due to a free maintenance lifestyle with most perfectly architect apartments. The apartments are so well designed and it covers all the ranges of residences, from lavish penthouses with glass interior to subtly designed apartments. The residents have a reach to every entertainment such as traditional dramas, cinema shows, and outdoor activities.

There are several shopping malls located nearby, minutes from historic Doylestown’s boutiques, art galleries and national retailers. There are many beautiful parks located within walking distance so that people cope with their fitness. There is access to everything which is required for living an independent life like personal care services and rehabilitation.

Buckingham Township, Bucks County, PA:

Buckingham is a township in Bucks County and has mostly citizens aged 55+. There are many historic events taken place in Buckingham and was once a historic county seat for the English. The population in Buckingham is under 20,000, in the early days the township was also called Granville. It has a humid continental climate which citizens love to experience and enjoy. Buckingham organization main motive is to keep its citizens happy and engaged in weekly activities hosted by the organization.

Buckingham Township is located in the center of Bucks County. The organization in Buckingham comes up with main activities so that citizens can enjoy every aspect of life such as cycling rally in the town, weekend outings, yoga and many similar activities.

Upper Southampton Township, Bucks, County, PA:

Upper Southampton Township consists of 15,152 citizens (recorded in 2010). It has a humid continental climate means citizen there feel extreme weather winter and summers. Monsoons are generally heavy. Upper Southampton gives a feel of an urban lifestyle, experiencing just a great atmosphere.

Citizens prefer buying houses rather than renting them. Most of the citizens are the people who are retired from their professional job. The government public school in Upper Southampton is above average and provide the best educational facilities to students.

The transportation system in the early days was more convenient as there were railways but due to lack of passengers, it was replaced by public transportation buses. Southampton station now has been set up as a private residence.

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